At Missoula Home Inspections we provide a full range of inspection services, including new and older homes, manufactured housing, log homes and light commercial including restaurants. We also test well water, and for radon and mold. A few positive comments from past clients about the various types of inspection services we provide include:

Older Homes

“As a single mom I considered a contract for deed on a 1930’s bungalow in the older part of Missoula. Dave uncovered material defects in the plumbing, wiring and foundation requiring repairs I never would have been able to afford. I’m so glad I opted for an inspection and didn’t get in over my head.”  Diana S., Butte

“I’m retired military from out of town and needed a reliable inspector to be my eyes on the ground for the purchase of a 1996 ranch house in the South Hills. I instructed Dave not to pull any punches when it came to the inspection and was very pleased with his detailed and informative report. I recommend his services.”  Robert N., Tennessee

New Homes

“This is my first house. I had no idea they could be so complex! Dave’s walk-through of all the systems and how they work was extremely helpful; Dave even showed me how to fix my girlfriend’s constantly running toilet!” Tamra W., Lolo

Log Homes

“We had concerns with interior water damage from frozen pipes and exterior rot in a log home up Petty Creek. Dave’s thorough inspection, particularly his detailed analysis of moisture content readings, clearly defined the extent of the problem areas and helped us negotiate a fair price.”  Steve L., Washington

Mobile and Manufactured Housing

“Our company needed an inspection in Seeley Lake and Dave responded A.S.A.P. His timely work and clear photographs covered every aspect of our requirements and was exactly what we needed.” Melanie G., Able Housing, Georgia

Indoor Air Quality

“We suspected our family’s health problems in our rented house were mold related. Dave documented moisture issues, took samples, and had the samples analyzed by an accredited lab. The tests confirmed our suspicions we were living with mold, and were a crucial step in initiating remediation.” Alan T., Turah