Residential Inspections

wood stove houseInspection Basics

Typical inspections take three to five hours on the ground, include an easy-to-read computer-generated report with photographs, and are generally returned the next day. Clients are encouraged to participate in an on-site walk-through, and we believe it is important to go over the final report in person.


For Buyers

A home inspection is an unbiased, professional assessment of what is likely to be one of the largest investments you ever make. It provides you with an expert opinion and written report on the physical structure and various house systems, includes information on material defects in need of remediation, along with maintenance issues that will be long term costs to maintain your investment.

118For Sellers

If your goal in selling your property is the best price in the shortest time, consider hiring a pro-active inspection that will streamline the sales process and eliminate surprise problems later on. Pre-sale inspections identify problems you can repair or have repaired with competitive bids, as opposed to having to pay top dollar later when the sale is on the line. The reality is that seventy to ninety percent of residential home sales now involve inspections prior to closure, and full disclosure from the beginning to the end of the process is the best way to get a deal done.


Why Us?

Simply put, we work for you. Whether you are buying, selling, or renovating: we have your best interests in mind. We take the time to do the job right and our reports are state of the art. Finally, we are both highly experienced as builders and well educated as inspectors, a combination you can count on.